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Dance Critic Kelly Apter’s Review

Scotland’s renowned critic of professional dance companies, Kelly Apter, was one of the hundreds of delighted audience guests invited to our 2013 show Lights, Camera, Action! We waited with baited breath for her feedback – here’s what she thought…

The diversity was remarkable… I wasn’t bored for a single second

“I was struck by how professional all the performers were. All of them remained 100% focused throughout, despite the length of the show, and the amount of scene changes/routines. What also impressed me was the ability of many of the performers to switch styles with such assurance. To go from ballet to contemporary to musical theatre to streetdance isn’t easy. Some of the students are obviously stronger dancers than others, but overall their versatility was truly impressive.

“As for the show’s content, again the diversity was remarkable. At almost three hours long, it would be easy for the energy to come and go, and for audience interest to wane at times – but I wasn’t bored for a single second (wish I could say that about every show I see). In a show of many highlights, it’s hard to pick out a favourite, but the Chicago routine was especially well executed.

“Congratulations to all the performers on really giving their all, to the choreographers for coming up with such diverse material, and to Tracy for preparing her students for every eventuality in their future careers.”

Kelly Apter is one of the best known dance critic in Scotland, reviewing shows by professional, international dance companies for numerous publications, including The Scotsman and The List. Thank you Kelly – it was an honour to dance for you!

Our Principal Director, Tracy Hawkes is very proud: “An excellent review from a critic who reviews all the professional dance companies that visit Scotland! I am so proud of all the dedicated and talented DFA students and tutors – well done to all involved in such a wonderful showcase that highlighted so well all the hard work put into last year.”

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