Planning a career in dance? Here are some things to think about when choosing colleges to apply to plus some audition tips.
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Audition Tips

Professional Dance Training and Dance Teacher Training at Dance For All, Edinburgh.

Here are some dance college audition tips and advice for budding professional dancers. Make sure you also scroll down to check out:

  • Tips to prepare for the day of your audition
  • Questions to ask your prospective colleges
  • Advice from our students, graduates and tutors

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Dance College Audition Tips

If you attend weekly dance classes, ask your teacher/s for audition advice. Many teachers have also worked as dancers, making it through tough auditions themselves and may be able to give valuable advice.

Do some research: most colleges have a list of their Directors and Tutors on their websites, as well as information on past and upcoming shows, course details, graduate success stories and more.

Try to think about what your priorities are regarding the type of course you are looking for – look at the range and levels of dance genres taught on the course.

Will you have opportunities to take vocational exams? This can often be a good indication of a thorough technical training, alongside performance work.

Do you want to become a dance teacher one day or have teaching as a option – are these qualifications available at your college choices?

What are the dance photos like on the website? Do they demonstrate high standards of technique and of versatile dancers who have had a strong all-round training?

Do they have reviews from students & graduates on their website &/or social media?

All this will give you a feel for each college, what you will be taught and if you can picture yourself there. Many colleges will also hold Open Days during the Winter term, but if you missed an open day you may be able to arrange a visit. Click the tabs below for more advice and tips + what important questions to ask each college you audition for.

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On Audition Day

  • Work out your travel plans in advance and leave plenty of time for your journey – arrive with time to register, change, stretch and warm up for class
  • Familiarise yourself with any requirements, such as dress codes and prepared routines
  • Wear appropriate clothing – the panel want to see your shape – don’t hide under too many layers of jumpers and leg warmers!
  • Bring some water to drink and a snack to boost your energy

At The Audition

Be professional. There’s no need to be pushy, a show-off or overly boastful – the panel are looking for great dancers, but also someone who is willing to learn, responds well to feedback and is enthusiastic and passionate about dance.

If you make a mistake, try not to make a face, stop or show your disappointment – the panel may not notice a small mistake and if they do, they will see you handling it like a professional.

If you are given specific exercises or choreography, do exactly what is asked – don’t tweak the routine to show off, you may have a chance to perform your own piece as well.

If you are given corrections, listen carefully and take them on. This shows the panel have been watching you and are interested enough to want to see more.

Perform as if you are in front of an audience. Smile, show emotion and make eye contact with the panel.

Do let your personality shine through as much as possible. Try to relax and show your level of artistry. Dance colleges want to see your passion and enthusiasm for dance, how you mix in a groupas well as your:

  • motivation
  • determination
  • self-discipline
  • musicality
  • physical ability
  • talent
  • personality

Leave a great impression, thank the panel (and pianist). You can politely ask by which date you will be contacted. Hopefully your audition will be a success, but if you are contacted with bad news treat it as an opportunity for feedback – they may tell you that you’re almost ready and to try again at their next auditions. An audition panel is often most impressed by a return auditionee who has taken on board prior feedback and made a significant improvement.

Good Luck – You’ll be Fantastic!

What Questions to Ask Prospective Dance Training Colleges

It is a good idea to find out some of the following information to compare and help you decide which colleges you want to apply to and, if you’re offered a place at more than one college, where to accept.

  1. What happens during your open day? What’s the format of the audition day?
  2. What grades or skills are needed for entry onto the course?
  3. Do only a select number of students get to perform each year, or is every student in every year group guaranteed an opportunity to perform?
  4. How many performances are held per year?
  5. The course says “full-time training” – how many hours a week will I be at college?
  6. What styles of dance will be taught?
  7. What qualifications will I get?
  8. What are the fees and are there any additional expenses?
  9. At the end of my course, what range of career options will I have in front of me?
  10. Where are your dance graduates working?
  11. What funding will I have access to?
  12. Where will I be living and where is the college based?

We go into more detail with each question above + share the answers you can expect from Dance For All on this post: Questions to ask when applying to dance college

Professional Dance Training and Dance Teacher Training at Dance For All, Edinburgh.

If you’d like to apply to Dance For All – find out when our next Auditions are.

Try to show some individuality whilst dancing. We are not looking for clones, but for dancers with personality, charisma and drive – young people who have the potential to make it in the profession through hard work and application, on a course that will provide them with all the skills necessary for a successful and prolonged dance career. - Tracy Hawkes -
Principal & Artistic Director

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