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(page updated 18th April 2021)



Level 2 on 17th May tbc: ADULT CLASSES REMAIN ONLINE with studio return scheduled when we move to Level 2

Please email us: danceforallstudio@gmail.com to join our online classes

Current pupils, students and class attendees: we will contact you via email – please add danceforallstudio@gmail.com to your address book

Our studios are not currently available for hire.

Thanks for your continuing support and enthusiasm over this difficult time.

Dance For All College

Audition applications are currently open – find out more and apply online >>>

We are in touch with our current student cohort and set up to teach online and, where safe and allowed under government measures, in-person – guidance from the Scottish Government.  We are excited to welcome new and returning college students, pupils, and class attendees for a new term at DFA.

When our studio classes resume, please see the guidelines below. Thank you for your support.

Please kindly note our new measures listed on this page, in summary:

  • All classes must be block booked in advance – no drop-in classes due to Covid-19 restrictions. 
  • Class numbers must be restricted to reduced capacity.
  • Prompt drop-off and pick-up for changeovers and cleaning between each class
  • Participants over 12 and adults must social distance and wear face masks in the corridors and general areas
  • Office visits by appointment only (via email or phone).
  • Payments can be made by Contactless or Bank Transfer – details on the registration form. Invoices will be sent via email.
  • Please arrive dressed for class. Changing facilities are not available.

Please do not attend Dance For All (studio and online classes) if you feel unwell or have any coronavirus Covid-19 symptoms (new continuous cough, loss of smell or taste and/or fever or high temperature), including mild symptoms – see the latest advice from NHS Inform Scotland or guidelines from the Scottish Government.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child and household are symptom-free before sending their child to classes. Dance For All reserves the right to check pupils’ temperatures if deemed necessary and to request for individuals to be picked up immediately if there is reason to believe they may be a health risk to others.

Entry/Exit and Pick-up/Drop-off

  • Class participants must enter by the external door nearest to the studio their class is held in
  • Class participants must hand sanitise on entry and exit
  • Children who take class in studio 1 (upstairs) will ONLY use the street level door for entry and exit. Likewise, children taking class in studio 2 (downstairs) will ONLY use the downstairs fire exit door for entry and exit.
  • 5-minute drop-off and pick-up window: Please kindly note that parents will be required to drop the children off at the door no sooner than 5 minutes before the start of class. Also pick up will take place at the same door punctually within 5 minutes of the finishing time. Staff and our class assistants will be monitoring the pupils during pick up and drop off times. 
  • Parents are requested to congregate outside the relevant external door in an orderly socially distanced fashion, until their name is called.

Inside DFA Studios – Class Participants

  • Changing rooms are not accessible at present so participants must:
    • arrive appropriately dressed for class,
    • remove outdoor shoes in the corridor outside the studio and,
    • once in the studio, remove outer layers where necessary to place in their own small personal bag beside their designated dance space. 
    • At the end of class, pupils must gather all their belongings and line up at the exit door they arrived at in order to be picked up by parents.
  • Pupils who transfer between multiple classes can remain in the building, however, participants over 12, are required to maintain social distancing and wear face masks in the corridors and general areas, when moving between studios.
  • No pupils are allowed to wait in the building if they have a gap between classes. We kindly request that parents collect their child and return them in time for the next class.
  • Please ensure where possible that your child does not need the toilet on arrival for their class. Toilet facilities are of course available for use by pupils attending multiple classes and in emergencies and appropriate hand washing and sanitizing must be followed before and after. 

Pre-booking, Payments & Office Visits

  • All classes must be block-booked in advance due to capacity restrictions. Drop-in or trial class arrangements cannot operate within the current Covid-19 restrictions. Please email danceforallstudio@gmail.com to register for any new classes or as a returning participant.
  • Termly payments can be made by preferably bank transfer or by contactless payment at the DFA office at a given appointment time.
  • There can be no refund for any classes not attended. In the event of DFA having to temporarily close for business due to lock down or Covid-19 related reasons, the balance of any cancelled pre-booked classes will be credited to the next available block of classes.
  • Office visits by appointment only: Please note that any office visits (eg: to pay invoices or buy dance wear) must be arranged in advance by phone or email to ensure lack of congestion in the building at any one time.

Thank you for your cooperation and support throughout this challenging time.

Coronavirus latest NHS and government advice and information:

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