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Professional Dance Training and Dance Teacher Training at Dance For All, Edinburgh.
DFA graduates' careers


ur two-year course gives each and every student extensive professional training for a successful and varied career in the dance industry. Our talented graduates have progressed to work in choreography, musicals, TV & film, music videos, at theme parks such as Disneyland Paris, on cruise ships and joined dance companies, touring the world. Many go on to teach both nationally and internationally and have even established their own dance schools.


Read on to find out what our students & graduates feel about their life at Dance For All…

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Mary Phelan, Mary Phelan School of Dance

Did / do you have any hesitations about Dance For All’s professional training?
I had no hesitations about Dance For All as I already had former pupils who had completed your course and whom I had spoken to throughout their training with you – all of whom went on to dance professionally or teach.

What do you rate most about our training and why?
You are Edinburgh based; you drive, encourage and nurture students; how quickly students improve; an opportunity to sit exams in various dance styles; opportunity to gain teaching qualifications; performance opportunities throughout their training; London trip & workshops.

If you were to recommend us to any current or future pupils, what would you say?
It’s an excellent course covering lots of dance styles, leading to professional qualifications and, for the dancer who’s not yet ready to leave home, perfect location.

What’s the most important thing people should know about us?
How good a standard your full-time course produces and that you are Edinburgh based.

Liza, parent/carer of a young dancer, on our Spring Fling 2019 show

“Thank you so much for a great show! My daughter loved watching a show at the school her dance teachers at Centre Stage attended. You made her night. Talking to her and we both look forward to tomorrow. She is now researching how to get into your college when she is older. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Carol Robertson, parent of 2nd-year student…
Favourite dance styles: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Commercial, Street / Urban, Aerial

What do you love most about our training?
“The size of the college & amount of people in classes. You’re very hardworking, give enthusiastic training whilst feeling like one big family. It’s reassuring as a parent to feel that your child is very well known & cared about.”

What’s the most important thing people should know about us?
“That you provide a safe, warm, family environment whilst providing excellent professional training which has a proven record for leading to employment, which is the ultimate goal of the full-time students.”

Lois Trout
Favourite performance styles: Jazz, Tap, Spanish Flamenco, Lyrical, Commercial, Singing, Musical Theatre, Choreography

What do you love most about your training?
“It is a full timetable every day.”

What’s the most important thing people should know about us?
“The training is just as good as well known colleges down south!”

Zoe Carmichael, 1st-year student…
Favourite dance styles: Ballet, Contemporary

What helped you make the decision to choose Dance For All?
“The success of past graduates and what they had to offer.”

What do you love most about your training?
“Doing something I love every day. There is such a wide variety in the styles of dance on offer that you are constantly learning and building technique in so many different ways.”

What’s the most important thing people should know about us?
“That we are dance FOR ALL. There’s something for everybody, no matter what style or age group – DFA all the way!”

Alison Hughes, parent of 2 DFA graduates

“As a parent of 2 DFA graduates, I can’t recommend the course highly enough. Both daughters gained a thorough grounding in a wide range of dance styles and have used the many skills learned there to further develop their chosen careers. Both continue to love dance and both thoroughly enjoyed their time at DFA.”

Angela Joss

“As a parent of a DFA student, I can’t recommend DFA highly enough. There are, I believe, few colleges in the country which can give such a range and breadth of excellently tutored dance classes(and some singing, too!), plus all the other theoretical work needed to produce professional dancers of the highest calibre. I can’t wait to see what my daughter does with the skills, experience, and serious ‘dancer’s body’ she’s been guided to, through Dance For All.”

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Testimonials and class reviews of Edinburgh dance classes at Dance For All

Testimonials and class reviews of Edinburgh dance classes at Dance For All

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Graduate Testimonials

Dance For All prepared me for the real world.

I enjoyed how much I was pushed by all the teachers and how much was fitted into the years I was there.  I also sat my teacher qualifications for DDE Modern and Tap, so this has helped for when I want to teach in the future.

The most important thing to know about Dance For All is that it will bring the best out in you. It’s amazing how many different genres are covered and also for the opportunity to sit teaching exams.”

Natalie Smith graduated in 2015. Following multiple auditions across the UK, Natalie was offered positions by several cruise lines performance companies. After much deliberation, 2015 graduate Natalie chose Disney Cruise Lines. Read our interview with Natalie.

“Training at Dance For All was an incredible experience. It quite literally changed my life! It provided me with the crucial training I needed! I struggled with many styles of dance as I basically began from scratch. But the hard work and the exceptionally amazing staff’s dedication, patience and determination helped me majorly! It was fantastic to attend Dance School in the heart of Edinburgh and I made some true friends for life.”

Robert Wilson graduated in 2014. Since then he has moved to London, auditioning successfully to work on many different projects including Bollywood films; music videos; Mary Poppins popup events; and performances with the commercial flash mob troupe, Club Mob. Check out our Q&A with Robert as he shares his diverse and varied career so far and incredible audition tips in this article.

“Training at Dance For All was a fantastic years for me. All of the teaching staff really pushed me to reach my full potential and constantly reminded me that the more you put into your training, the more you get out – which is probably the most valuable lesson I learned in my time there.

I feel so lucky to have been given such a versatile training because it has given me so much confidence going into the working world knowing that no new style is going to phase me. Also, being able to study DDI/DDE teaching qualifications alongside performing is great because it widens your employment and career opportunities.

The intimate environment of Dance For All means you get so much one-to-one tuition within classes and establish great relationships with all of your teachers and classmates. I am so grateful for the great training I received and I know it will continue to stand me in good stead for the rest of my dance career.”

Claire Grieve, graduated 2013. Like many of her fellow graduates, Claire made it through tough auditions to win a contract abroad very soon after graduating. Her first performance contract was at a five-star luxury hotel in the Caribbean, which she is thoroughly enjoying. Read out interview with Claire about life as a dancer and aerialist.

“Dance For All was the best years of training I could ask for. With such a packed and varied timetable and a relatively small year group compared to the larger colleges down south, I believe my training was unique and provided me with a platform to explore every part of my creative being to be the professional dancer I am today. Thank you Dance For All for the memories I will cherish a lifetime.”

Jane Heggie, graduated 2012. Jane’s first contract was aboard P&O’s Oriana cruise ship, performing in the liner’s 650-seat theatre to audiences with high expectations. At times it felt like a paid holiday, travelling from the Mediterranean to the Middle East and the Norwegian fjords to the Caribbean. Jane plans to run her own dance school one day, but until then she is looking forward to her next contract abroad. Read her feature interview…

“Dance For All has made all my dreams come true with the help of their talented staff and many varied genres in all performance-based styles. They help me achieve many of my goals throughout my years of being there and I now run a very successful performance school with students who now want to go on and become successful dancers/teachers. If I could, I would do more years again of training as it was definitely the best years of my life! I can’t thank you enough Dance For All, I’m so grateful. ”

Sarah Huguet, graduated 2011. Sarah quickly realised her ambitious dream after graduating and opened her own dance school, Huguet Boogie Performance, teaching adults and children in Tranent & Direlton.

“For me, DFA was unique in that it provided diverse, comprehensive, and differentiated training. While I was there(quite some time ago, I graduated almost 7 years ago now!) we got the chance to work with renowned contemporary teachers/ choreographers, many of whom I have since encountered and worked with. We had relatively small class sizes, allowing much more focus and input from all of our teachers. We were also given many opportunities to perform, and this all contributed to our experience. I don’t know of any other dance school which gives such a solid foundation in ballet, while also allowing students to explore contemporary, commercial, and musical theatre skills, as well as teaching qualifications.

“I think that DFA gave me the skills, opportunities, and rigorous training which has set me up for a long and successful career within the dance industry.”

Emma Louis Smith, graduated 2010. She’s been a Dance Support Officer for SkyeDance, has collaborated with the National Galleries of Scotland and Atlas:Arts, won a BBC fellowship with YDance, completed a First Class BA (Hons) in Dance and studied for her MEd at the RCS and landed her dream job with Indepen-Dance… Read our interview with Emma, on making an impact with dance.

“Dance for All was the best and quickest years of my life! I learnt so much and it really prepared me for setting out into the dance industry. I have achieved so much since leaving college; amazing jobs, contracts abroad and lots of great opportunities and I really have DFA to thank for the amazing training, teaching me all the different dance genres, gaining my teaching qualifications, and giving me all the knowledge I need to know about the dance world. The tutors are so experienced and passionate about what they teach that it brings out the best in everyone and gives you a great foundation to start your career. I would recommend anyone who is wanting a career in dancing, whether it be performing or teaching, DFA is the place for you.”

Lisa Aytoun, graduated 2010.  Lisa has performed abroad and around the UK, including: the MOBO Awards Ceremony; for singer Scarlette Fever; representing Scotland at the 2010 European championships in Sweden; Bollywood films, music videos, adverts & theatre shows around India; the Sunshine on Leith film and UK tour of Clockwork. When in Scotland Lisa teaches dance and coaches gymnastics. Read her feature interview…

“The teaching qualifications achieved have been amazing.”

Graduates' Success at Dance For All, Edinburgh

Louise Ferrier, graduated 2007. Following four years with Costa Cruise Lines assigned as production manager and dance captain, Louise has returned home to Scotland and is now a dance teacher.

“The best years of my life! I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and back into class.”

Graduate Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Clare Bungay, graduated 2005. Claire has toured Italy with the band Saor Patrol, taught in Hutherford, worked in Warner Hotels, pantomime and the Taste of Scotland show.

“Thank you for pushing me and helping me with my career, getting me started.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Victoria Knowles, 2004. Victoria’s foundation year got her into a prestigious musical theatre course in London. Her career has encompassed many lead roles touring the UK and performing in Branson, Atlantic City and Niagara Falls in the USA, most notably the Spirit of Dance productions.

“Loved my time at DFA – learnt so many life lessons which has helped me to go on to do amazing things”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Kylie Stevenson, graduated 2008. Following the European tour of the Best of Musicals show, Kylie won a performing contract with Carnival Cruise Lines, sailing around the USA and Mexico.

“It was my home for years, met some amazing friends for life and I’ll always want to come back”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Kerry Millar, graduated 2005. Following several years with a five star hotel, Kerry teamed up with fellow DFA graduates for the Taste of Scotland show. She now runs a local dance school with another DFA grad, Heather McKendry.

“I have met a great group of people I will never forget and have learned a lot about myself in my years at Dance for All. There’s something very comforting about being in such a close knit school.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Rachel Sheridan, graduated 2007. Now living in Australia, Rachel went on to complete a BA Hons in Dance at Northumbria University and teach children’s dance classes.

“Life building emotionally and physically.  Every day was a pleasure, if asked back wouldn’t have to think twice.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Jenna Freel, graduated 2005. As well as working on the Taste of Scotland show, Jenna has performed in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe, working with numerous dance companies Rhythm Ink.

“The best years of my life, love my college girls, miss it loads.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Klair Smith, graduated 2009. Immediately following graduation Klair won a contract with Disneyland Paris and loves Paris so much, she is there to this day!

“I’ve had a great time and achieved so much in many styles of dance.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Joanna Davies, graduated 2007. Now running her own dance school in Orkney, Jo has performed in many theatres across England and Scotland, most recently in Delhi, India as part of the Commonwealth Games Handover Ceremony 2010.

“I felt like I was part of a family. I really found myself in contemporary dance- My body is so much stronger.”

Laura Mckay, graduated 2005.

“Learnt so many life lessons, but best of all met three wonderful friends for life.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Lisa Roberts, graduated 2008. Following graduation Lisa worked with Thomson Holidays in Spain before returning to the UK.

“Had brilliant time – learnt a lot about myself emotionally and physically.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Claire Ritchie, graduated 2005. Claire’s career so far includes being appointed Production Show Vocalist at five star hotels in Greece and Spain, Show Choreographer for New Horizon, plus Production Dancer & Dance Leader for numerous film & theatre projects.

“I have a great bunch of friends and it’s been a hard but very rewarding years. I’ve had the most wonderful encouraging tutors.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Fiona Campbell, graduated 2007.

“I appreciate now the quality of the training i received. It has taken me further than I thought I would ever go in my career – it has really held me in good stead.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Laura Geddes, HNC 2002. Laura teaches at two Glasgow colleges and runs her own dance school. After graduation, Laura danced with the Claymore Cheerleaders: the Scottish Rockettes and she launched & coached the Rangers Dance Squad.

“I have DFA to thank for my years of travelling and all the friends I’ve made these last few years. I was taught not just to dance, but about respect and discipline and these are the best lessons for real life.”

Graduate Career Success at Dance For all, Edinburgh

Helen Allan, HNC 2005. Helen has performed in productions for UK holiday camps and her career has taken her to Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Gibraltar.

Read more of our Graduates’ Career Success to get an idea of what our exceptional training and your amazing talent has in store for you after college.


egular annual student performances include Go Dance in Glasgow which brings together over 1000 dancers, the Spring Fling where our senior teen & adult weekly pupils join our professional students and our End of Year Showcase featuring solos from our graduating students. Our students have been invited to perform at numerous events and danced in front of numerous VIPs, including Scotland’s renowned dance critic Kelly Apter. Of our recent show, she said:

The diversity was remarkable… I wasn’t bored for a single second

– read Kelly’s full review.

With decades of experience, Dance For All is the longest-running vocational dance college in Scotland to incorporate comprehensive Dance Teacher Training and extensive Professional Dance Performance training. Our renowned tutors and our accredited full-time course can equip our students with all the academic qualifications, tuition, support and guidance required for a long, varied and successful dance career.

Join Us! With your hard work, flair and dedication, we will reward your unique talent with unsurpassed knowledge, skilled artistry, accredited qualifications, the finest training and an unrivalled dance college experience.”

Adult Dance Classes Beginners to Advanced, Child & Teen Dance Classes, Professional Dance Training and Dance Teacher Training at Dance For All, Edinburgh

 Tracy Hawkes, Principal Director RTS ARAD SDS IdB(1) founded Dance For All in 1985 – discover more about our dance school. Tracy has performed and taught extensively in schools and dance companies here and abroad, including Basic Space Dance Theatre, Napac Ballet and Durban City Ballet. Find out more about Tracy and her inspirational faculty…

We’re incredibly proud of our high graduate employment rates, compared to industry averages

During our study from 2012-2015, 100% of Dance For All’s graduates have found work in the dance industry within 12-18 months of graduating, 87% within 6-12 months and 83% within 3 months of graduating. This is in sharp contrast to the industry average, where only 29% of performing arts graduates are working within their specific industry, according to the Higher Education Careers Services Unit’s What do graduates do 2015 report*.
Of those seeking travel and work abroad, 56% – 69% of our graduates since 2013 are working overseas, compared to only 2% of UK performing arts graduates. Dance For All’s professional dance graduates are three times more likely to get a job in the performing arts industry and 35 times more likely to win an overseas contract than their peers.
A map showing the countries DFA graduates have been working in

Our talented graduates have progressed to work in choreography, musicals, TV & film, music videos, at theme parks such as Disneyland Paris, on cruise ships and joined dance companies, touring the world. Many go on to teach both nationally and internationally and have even established their own dance schools. Read more graduate success stories.

Graduate Career Success and Testimonials at Dance For all, Edinburgh

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